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Canadiana Artwork - Group of Seven, Inuit Scupltures, Canada First Nations, Robert Bateman, Trisha Romance, Sir Peter Robson.

Group of Seven

Autumn in the Northland - Franklin Carmichael

June Clouds - JEH MacDonald

The Canoe - Tom Thomson

Red Maples - Ay Jackson

Langford - EmilyCarr

Maligne Lake Jasper Park 1924 - Lawren Harris

Inuit Sculptures

Walking in the Dark - Abraham Anghik Rueben

Dancing Bear - Alarak Shaa

Shaman and Helping Spirits - Abraham Anghik Rueben

Sleeping Polar Bear - Bill Nasokaluak

Canadian First Nations

Christian Morrisseau - Son of The Morning Star Original

Russell Nagonash - Original Loon and Bear Spirit and Child

Norval Morrisseau - Offering to Inorganics Original

Russell Noganosh - Original Thanking the Prairie Fire

Norval Morrisseau - Three Brothers Original

Russell Nagonash Original Seven Grandmothers Welcome Winter

Steve Powless - Faces and Bear

George Henry False Faces and Faces

Loreene Henry Bear Spirit

Robert Bateman

Approach Bald Eagle - Robert Bateman

Mustang Country - Robert Bateman

In the field mare and foal - Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman - Tiger 18x18

Winter Mist Great Horned Owl - Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman- Sparring Siberians

Trisha Romance

Trisha Romance - All Is Calm

Trisha Romance - Candle Light Stroll

Trisha Romance - Cat Nap

Trisha Romance - Christmas At The Cottage

Trisha Romance - The Conservatory Crop

Sir Peter Robson

Roblins Mill Pond - Sir Peter Robson

Summer Fragrance - Sir Peter Robson

Convent Garden - Sir Peter Robson

Morning Mischief - Sir Peter Robson

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